Scholarship of Distinction in Computing and Data Analytics

Eligible majors to apply for the scholarship are Computer Information Systems (CIS), Computer Science (CS), Data Analytics, and Information Technology (IT).

Computing and Data Analytics Scholarship Levels:

Purple (On Campus) – up to $20,000/year
Purple (Off Campus) – up to $11,000/year
Gold (On Campus) – up to $16,000/year
Gold (Off Campus) – up to $9,000/year
Silver (On Campus) – up to $12,000/year
Silver (Off Campus) – up to $7,000/year

Note: You must be a resident of the US to apply.

This scholarship requires you to upload a letter of reference from a non-family member. A one-page letter is adequate.

  • The letter should come from someone that can speak to your academic background and potential.
  • This letter may be from someone such as a high school teacher, high school counselor, college instructor or academic advisor.
  • The letter should address the applicant’s academic background and potential for completing a computing degree at the University of North Alabama.

This scholarship application also requires you to submit a short video.

Scholarship video criteria:

  • The video should be 3-4 minutes in length.
  • Professional video equipment is not necessary to record your video. The video can be recorded with a smartphone, tablet, webcam, etc. The video will be judged on the quality of the content, not the quality of the video production.
  • A URL link to the video will need to be submitted.

Your video should address the following questions/topics:

  • Explain your background/experience with computers, technology, or data analysis.
  • Share a couple of personal accomplishments that you are most proud of.
  • What are your favorite school subjects? Explain why.
  • What major/career would you like to pursue? Explain why.

College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select your status as a student at UNA.
  2. Which degree will you be pursuing of the following?
  3. Do you plan to live on campus?
  4. Please upload a letter of reference from a non-family member. A one-page letter is adequate. (.pdf, .docx, or .doc)
  5. Please upload an URL link to your scholarship submission video here.