Hilda B. Anderson Nursing Endowed Scholarship

College of Nursing
Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your current level in nursing school at UNA?
  2. Have you been accepted into the Anderson College of Nursing as an undergraduate or graduate nursing student?
  3. Are you or a family member employed by an Anderson company?
  4. If so, please list the name of your parent and the Anderson company where they are employed. If you are the Anderson employee, please list your company name.
  5. Are you a single parent?
  6. If you answered "yes" to being a single parent, please denote how many children reside in your home. If you answered "no" to the single parent question, please denote "N/A."
  7. Have you ever worked in a healthcare setting?
  8. Do you have student loan debt?
  9. Are you a pre-licensure nursing student who has previous employment history? Please explain.
  10. Please include an essay below expressing your dedication to the nursing field and why you feel you are a great candidate for this scholarship.
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