Deborah Bradd and John Poloney Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship should be divided evenly to provide scholarship support to two separate students. For the initial award, the scholarship recipients will be students who have demonstrated financial need, be classified as a junior, have a UNA GPA of 3.0 or higher, who graduated from a high school in AL, and are majoring in business management. Additionally, the scholarship is renewable and should be awarded for the recipient’s senior year provided that they continue to meet the criteria. If there are no students meeting this criteria who are majoring in business management, the scholarship may be awarded to any other students in the COBT meeting all other criteria. Further, should the distributions exceed the amount of full tuition, the amount will be split and four scholarships will be awarded. This process will continue in perpetuity every time the distributions to the scholarship recipients exceed the full cost of tuition.

Sanders College of Business and Technology