Dr. Frank B. Mallonee Endowed Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established to honor Dr. Frank B. Mallonee. He received his Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and his doctorate from Emery University. Dr. Mallone̕e spent his entire career as a political science and history professor at the University of North Alabama, in Florence, Alabama. He was a beloved teacher who was passionate about instilling his love of political science and history on his students. His influence on students extended beyond the walls of the classroom. A former student stated “He helped so many young people to grow and develop into the best adults they could be. His students owe so much to him.”
He received the University of North Alabama’s Outstanding Service Award in 1984 for his high standards of academic excellence and his sense of intellectual honesty. He was known as an entertaining and spirited lecturer and speaker. More importantly, he is remembered for imparting knowledge on hundreds of students. His remarkable legacy in the classroom earned him the University of North Alabama’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
Recipients of this scholarship shall be full-time students with a preference given to rising seniors who are pre-law majors and who have indicated a strong interest in attending law school.

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Politics, Justice, and Law