Charles E. Carr, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established by Charlotte O. Carr to honor and preserve the memory of her loving husband. Charles E. Carr, Jr. enjoyed a long and esteemed career as a professional educator, both in the classroom and in the library. After an early career in various teaching positions, including high school choral and band director and supervisor of elementary music in Illinois, he arrived at the University of North Alabama, where he served with honor for eighteen years. He joined UNA in 1973 as an Instructor in Library Science and eventually attained the position of Assistant Professor and Director of Media Services and Learning Resources Center prior to his death in 1992.
Recipients shall be full time juniors or seniors enrolled in the Department of Music, who have expressed their intention to become music teachers and are taking the professional education component for teacher certification and who maintain at least a 2.75 grade point averages.

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Music