Central Mississippi Alumni Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship should be awarded to an incoming freshman student or transfer student who demonstrates financial need. The recipient should have a minimum ACT score of 22 and an overall GPA of 3.0. First priority will be given to students from the counties served by the Central Mississippi Alumni Association. Second priority will be given to qualified students from the state of Mississippi at large.


A small group of UNA alumni in 2016 decided to establish this scholarship out of their great love for the university and appreciation for the experiences they had had there. Many of these alumni had originally hailed from the Shoals area but had moved to the Jackson, Mississippi area. At UNA, they had studied and made new friends with some even finding life-long mates. These relationships and academic pursuits resulted in successful careers, rich experiences, and fulfilling lives that had benefited others in a variety of ways.

With a keen awareness of the transformative power of a university education, these alumni wanted to share such opportunity with others through providing this scholarship. Thus, they gave generously to create it and also conducted a fund drive to reach their goal. They agreed that the scholarship should go to someone with potential to appreciate the opportunity for such education and to benefit from it.

To the recipient(s) of this award: You have been chosen for this scholarship because you have already shown evidence of an ability and desire to learn. We hope you will study hard, learn more, form friendships, participate in activities, and find a field that fascinates you. Above all, we hope that you will develop your talents so that your gifts can meet the great needs of this world.

Central Mississippi Alumni Association Board Members: Jeanne Wells Cook, Mike Byers, Patty Beard Byers, Dr. Jeff Fletcher, Kathy Walker Fletcher, and Mary Wakefield.

Office of Admissions Endowed